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Policy Issues

Mary Ann Lutz is a dedicated champion for public safety, recognizing the need for comprehensive reforms and investments to address today’s evolving challenges. As our next Congresswoman for District 31, Mary Ann will work to create a safer and more just society which encompasses various aspects of public safety, including law enforcement, criminal justice, prison reform, gun violence prevention, and addressing sexual assault.

Enhancing Law Enforcement:

In today’s rapidly changing environment, law enforcement agencies need access to better tools and training to effectively serve and protect our communities. Mary Ann advocates for increased federal funding for police departments to invest in modern equipment, technology, and comprehensive training programs. This will enable officers to respond more effectively to complex situations while promoting community trust and accountability.

Evidence-Based Criminal Justice Reforms:

Equity and fairness are fundamental principles of a just society. Mary Ann supports evidence-based criminal justice reforms that ensure both the accused and victims receive equitable results. This includes measures to address racial disparities in sentencing, promoting alternatives to incarceration, and expanding access to legal representation for underserved communities.

Rehabilitation and Prison Reform:

Our prison system should prioritize rehabilitation and reduce recidivism. Mary Ann advocates for better programs within prisons that provide educational and workforce opportunities to inmates. These initiatives will empower individuals to reintegrate into society successfully, reducing the cycle of crime.

Addressing Overcrowded and Unsafe Prisons:

Overcrowded, unsafe, and unhealthy prison conditions are a national concern. Mary Ann supports better prison infrastructure and policies to address these issues, ensuring that inmates are housed in humane conditions that promote rehabilitation, safety for prison staff, as well as public safety in general.

Reducing Prison Spending and Recidivism:

Our nation’s high spending on prisons is unsustainable. Mary Ann will explore innovative solutions to reduce prison spending while simultaneously investing in programs that address recidivism. This will include support for reentry programs, mental health services, and addiction treatment.

Gun Violence Prevention:

Mary Ann recognizes the urgency of addressing gun violence in our communities. She supports common-sense gun control measures, such as universal background checks, closing loopholes, reestablishing the assault weapons ban, and funding research on gun violence prevention. Her goal is to protect the safety of all Americans.

Combating Sexual Assault:

Mary Ann is committed to taking rape and sexual assault charges seriously. She will prioritize additional federal funding to help local law enforcement agencies clear out the backlog of rape kits and reauthorizing the sexual assault ban. These actions will help survivors seek justice and provide essential support to those affected by sexual violence.

Police Mental Health Collaboration:

To ensure a holistic approach to public safety, Mary Ann supports the creation of Police Mental Health Collaboration programs. These initiatives will provide mental health officers who can respond to non-threatening calls, de-escalate situations, and connect individuals in crisis with appropriate resources.


Mary Ann Lutz’s candidacy for Congress embodies a comprehensive and compassionate approach to public safety. Her commitment to better equipping law enforcement, implementing evidence-based criminal justice reforms, and addressing issues within our prison system demonstrates her dedication to a safer and more just society. Furthermore, her stance on gun violence prevention and addressing sexual assault reflects her unwavering commitment to the well-being of all Americans. With Mary Ann Lutz in Congress, public safety will remain a top priority, ensuring that our communities thrive and prosper.

Mary Ann Lutz is a highly dedicated environmentalist who has demonstrated a deep commitment to  preserving open spaces, protecting water and air quality, and advocating for sustainable policies  throughout her career. As a past chair of the LA Regional Water Quality Control Board, co-creator of  HR7279, and environmental chair of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG), she  has played a pivotal role in shaping and implementing environmental initiatives to safeguard natural  resources and promote ecological balance. This background paper aims to highlight Mary Ann Lutz’s  remarkable contributions to environmental conservation and her potential as an environmental  champion in the United States Congress. 

Highlights of Mary Ann Lutz’s Environmental Leadership: 

Preserving Open Space 

Mary Ann Lutz has been a fierce advocate for preserving open spaces, recognizing their essential  role in maintaining biodiversity, supporting wildlife habitats, and providing recreational opportunities  for communities. Her efforts, which included serving on the committee for Measures A and B in 1999- 2000 and chairing the Monrovia Fire Safe Council, have centered on securing funding for land  acquisition, pushing for the establishment of protected areas, and promoting conservation easements  to limit urban sprawl and development on valuable natural lands. 

Protecting Water Quality 

Serving as the past chair of the LA Regional Water Quality Control Board, Mary Ann Lutz  demonstrated exceptional leadership in safeguarding the region’s water resources. She worked  tirelessly to enforce water quality regulations, promote sustainable water management practices, and  engage with stakeholders to address pollution concerns effectively. Under her leadership, the board  saw significant advancements in addressing stormwater runoff, industrial discharges, and wastewater  treatment, contributing to improved water quality for residents and the environment. 

Co-Creating HR 7279 

Mary Ann Lutz’s influence extended beyond local organizations as she played a crucial role in co creating the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act (HR 7279) – significant federal legislation aimed at  bolstering environmental protections and promoting conservation efforts nationwide. This legislative  initiative focused on funding environmental restoration projects, incentivizing renewable energy  development, and addressing climate change concerns through research and action plans. 

Environmental Chair of SGVCOG 

As the environmental chair of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, representing 38 local  cities, Mary Ann Lutz was at the forefront of regional environmental planning and coordination. She  collaborated with local governments, businesses, and community groups to formulate strategies  addressing air quality, waste management, and sustainable transportation solutions. Through this  role, she encouraged the adoption of green policies at the regional level and contributed to building a  more environmentally conscious society. 


Mary Ann Lutz’s extensive experience as a past chair of the LA Regional Water Quality Control  Board, her role in co-creating HR7279, and her service as the environmental chair of the SGVCOG  demonstrate her undeniable commitment to environmental conservation. Her work to preserve open  spaces, protect water and air quality, and promote sustainability reflects the values and actions  necessary for an environmental champion in Congress. If elected, Mary Ann Lutz has the potential to  make significant strides in federal environmental policy, furthering the nation’s efforts to combat  climate change and protect precious natural resources for generations to come. 

Mary Ann Lutz, a dedicated and experienced advocate for women’s rights and equality, is poised to be the next Congresswoman for District 31. Drawing from her extensive work and leadership roles in government and groundbreaking women’s organizations, Mary Ann is a committed and proven leader in promoting and protecting the rights and well-being of all women in her district and beyond.  Mary Ann will continue to fight for funding, information, and enforcement to guarantee the hard-earned rights are accessible to all.

Key Highlights of Mary Ann Lutz’s Affiliations:

  • President of the National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC), San Gabriel Valley
  • Executive Committee Member of the Women’s Political Committee (WPC) 
  •  Board Member of the NWPC California Political Caucus 
  • National Member of EMILY’s List
  • Former Chair of Women Mayors for the U.S. Conference of Mayors
  • Former Chair of the League of Women Voters – Pasadena Immigration Committee
  • Former Co-Chair of the California League of Women Voters Immigration Interest Group 

Mary Ann Lutz’s Commitment to Women’s Rights Include:

Reproductive Rights:

As the next Congresswoman, Mary Ann will continue her decades-long  advocacy for a woman’s right to choose. 

Mary Ann will fight for reproductive healthcare to be legal, accessible, and affordable to anyone regardless of age or immigration status. She will actively oppose anti-choice legislation such as waiting periods, undue burdensome requirements on doctors, and limits on medical abortions.  She will continue to champion access to comprehensive reproductive care including access to accurate health care information for all.


Mary Ann believes that education is empowerment.  That is why she believes in the need to support comprehensive, medically accurate, and age-appropriate sex education for all students.

Accessible Healthcare:

Access to affordable healthcare is an essential right for everyone.   In Congress, Mary Ann will fight to secure funding for organizations such as Planned Parenthood that serve as an essential provider of all types of health services.  She will also work to ensure those in need have access to abortion, contraception and advocate for the availability of FDA-approved emergency contraception at all pharmacies without delay.

Equal Rights Amendment (ERA):

Mary Ann will continue to actively work for passage of the federal ERA so everyone will be treated equally under the law.

Addressing Sexual Violence:

Supporting legislation and funding that focuses on timely and appropriate investigations of sexual assault, including the prompt processing of rape kits, is essential in protecting and empowering women.

Sexual Harassment:

Mary Ann will continue to fight for better sexual harassment laws along with funding for education so everyone knows and understands their rights. She will continue to work to increase the statute of limitations for sexual harassment claims so that justice will be ensured. 

Inclusivity in Healthcare:

As Congresswoman, Mary Ann will be a supporter of access to comprehensive, accurate healthcare, including insurance coverage and benefits, for all, irrespective of gender identity, promoting an inclusive society.

Equality in the Workplace:

The fight for equality in the workplace, especially equal pay continues. Mary Ann will be on the forefront to make sure existing laws are appropriate and add enhancements where necessary.  In addition, she will support funding to ensure education about the laws, as well as enforcement, is adequate.

Child and Elder Care:

The challenges of caring for children and elderly relatives continue to fall disproportionately on women. Mary Ann will continue to advocate for laws to protect women in the workplace who provide care along with providing paid parental leave. She also supports expanded care options including funding to make those options a reality. 


Mary Ann Lutz’s extensive experience and unwavering commitment to women’s rights make her the ideal candidate to represent District 31. Her policies aim to create an environment where all women feel supported, empowered, and protected. As the next Congresswoman, Mary Ann pledges to work tirelessly to ensure that women’s voices are heard and their rights are enforced.

Mary Ann Lutz has been a steadfast advocate for education, with a tenure highlighted by her role as a Trustee for Citrus Community College. Her career is characterized by her dedication to ensuring that every student, regardless of their background, has access to quality education.  One of Lutz’s greatest honors was being awarded the Golden Apple Award in 2010 by the Northwest San Gabriel Valley Administrators Association for outstanding service and continued support of the quality of education for children.

Highlights of Mary Ann Lutz’s Leadership for Accessible, Quality Education:

Citrus Community College Trustee

Lutz’s service on the board of trustees for Citrus Community College demonstrates her commitment to education at the collegiate level. In this role, she has consistently worked to promote policies and initiatives that bolster student success. Her leadership has focused on maintaining fiscal responsibility while supporting academic programs and services that meet the diverse needs of students.

Statewide Education Leader

Lutz serves as a Trustee on the California Community College Board which formulates and advises on education policy for the state.  In her role, Lutz advocates on behalf of the 73 local community college districts in California at the state and federal level.  As a Trustee, Lutz’s goal is to support community-based public higher education with an unparalleled commitment to access, equity and achievement. 

Advocate for Accessibility

Lutz has been a stalwart advocate for making education more accessible. This includes her support for affordable tuition rates, scholarship programs, fully funding the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), and comprehensive student services that help to remove barriers to education for economically disadvantaged students. Additionally, Lutz will hold predatory student lending programs accountable with stronger oversight and a transparent loan process that is clearly understood by applicants. 

Champion for Quality Education for All Students

Lutz’s vision for education extends beyond access. She champions quality education at every level and every need. This is seen in her advocacy for maintaining high academic standards, professional development for educators, and robust support systems for students – including those with special needs.

Community Engagement and Partnerships

A significant aspect of Lutz’s work as a Trustee has involved fostering partnerships between the college and the community. She understands the value of community engagement in enriching educational programs and creating opportunities for students.  Lutz has personally worked with non-profit literacy programs such as Monrovia Reads, Homework House, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA Homework Program and YMCA Youth & Government, and acted as an “adoptee parent” for Santa Fe Middle School and Adult Learning School/ROP to support and deliver learning opportunities

Legislative Advocacy

In addition to her work as a Trustee, Lutz has demonstrated a commitment to education through her engagement with legislative bodies. She has advocated for policy changes that support the broader education system, highlighting her holistic approach to education advocacy.


Mary Ann Lutz’s work as a Trustee for Citrus Community College is emblematic of her broader commitment to education. She stands as a champion for accessible, quality education for every student at every level, tirelessly working to improve the educational landscape through her service, advocacy, and leadership.

Mary Ann Lutz stands as a staunch advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. Recognizing the multifaceted challenges and opportunities presented by immigration, as our next Congresswoman for District 31, she will push for policies that uphold the values of compassion, justice, and economic empowerment, aiming to create an inclusive America that fosters growth and stability for all.

Creating A Pathway to Citizenship: 

Mary Ann champions a system that is just, efficient, and provides a clear pathway to citizenship for the millions who have been living, working, and contributing to American society for years.

Keeping Families Together: 

Mary Ann believes in ending unjust deportations that unnecessarily separate families and return individuals to dangerous conditions. Our nation should focus on keeping families together and ensuring that all deportations are made judiciously and compassionately.

Putting Safety First: 

The primary goal of our deportation policies should be to ensure the safety and security of all American residents. By focusing on violent criminals, we ensure that those who pose genuine threats are dealt with, while others who seek a better life are treated fairly.

Funding for Non-Profit Legal Services: 

Mary Ann supports funding for Department of Justice-recognized non-profits that provide essential legal services for immigrants. With adequate legal support, immigrants can better navigate the complexities of the system.

Improve Immigration Courts:

In order to reduce the backlog in the courts and improve efficiencies for those seeking citizenship, Mary Ann will advocate for funding to increase the number of judges and staff focused on the immigration process and applicants.

Support for DACA:

Mary Ann supports the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which has shown significant benefits in integrating young people  into society and the workforce. 

Guest Worker Programs:

Acknowledging the economic interdependencies, Mary Ann will promote well-regulated guest worker programs to ensure that industries have the workforce they need, and workers are treated fairly. 

Ending Exploitation of Workers:

Migrant workers often face exploitation due to their vulnerable status. Mary Ann will fight against such practices, aiming to ensure that all workers, irrespective of their immigration status, are treated with dignity and respect.

Collaboration with Foreign Nations:

Recognizing that the best way to reduce forced migration is to address its root causes, Mary Ann will explore initiatives that collaborate with other countries to bolster local economies and create job opportunities, allowing individuals to find work in their homeland.


Mary Ann Lutz’s vision for immigration reform is comprehensive, compassionate, and economically sound. By embracing policies that foster inclusivity and justice, Mary Ann aims to ensure America remains a beacon of hope and opportunity for all, while also addressing the root causes of migration to create a more stable and prosperous global community. Vote for Mary Ann Lutz to champion a fairer, more inclusive America.